5 Careers In The Home Building & Design Industry

Published on 07/04/2021

Looking for a career in the home building and design industry where you get to show off your creativity? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you want to be involved in the initial designs, lay the first bricks, or assist clients with finding their perfect home, the housebuilding industry offers a wide range of jobs.  With so many different paths you can take in this rewarding industry, we’ve narrowed it down to five of the best. Keep scrolling to see what careers we have to help make your decision a little easier.

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5 Careers In The Home Building & Design Industry


Architects usually design homes and buildings, these could include houses, apartments, commercial buildings, and even schools. Some architects work across a wide spectrum and do different projects while others are specialists and only design certain buildings. Of course, architects design homes based on certain criteria that have been set by the client. Their job includes researching, planning, designing, and managing the project. These licensed professionals generally get paid very well

Furniture Designer

The next career is very unique. Generally speaking, a furniture designer studies, researches, and then designs different styles of furniture design. Often, they also are tasked with finding ways to improve furniture items that have already been manufactured. A furniture designer can produce items for both commercial use or work with clients to create customs pieces for their homes. If you are creative, practical, and have excellent drawing skills, this may be the perfect job for you.

Real Estate Marketing Specialist

Looking for a career that doesn’t involve interacting with clients as much? Then maybe consider getting a job as a real estate marketing specialist. What exactly do they do? Well, these professionals produce all the marketing content for real estate agents and brokers. Essentially, their goal is to get a brand noticed by the public. Their roles cover quite a wide scope, from managing social media, creating digital content, developing printed materials, writing campaign emails, and of course, managing the overall brand. Ultimately, without them, the business could have a hard time generating leads.

Garden & Landscape Designer

For those who prefer spending their work hours outdoors, this is ideal! A professional garden or landscape designer uses their knowledge of plants and creative design to develop beautiful gardens, yards, and even parks. The range of work available for garden and landscape designers is basically endless. And one of the best things about this career is assorted. You must however have a good understanding of how people use their spaces in order to create a well-designed, functional outdoor area.

Interior Designer

As an interior designer, you will get to create beautiful and functional indoor spaces. Clients range from homeowners to larger businesses. In this job, you get to select colors, lighting, materials, and of course decorative items. Ultimately, you must be able to bring the whole space together by creating a well-proportioned environment. It is highly recommended that you have a good knowledge of the latest trends, very creative as well as great attention to detail.