How To Create A Family Friendly Kitchen

Published on 07/25/2021

In many households, kitchens are the communicative focus of everyday life. Here we have breakfast and cook together and many conversations take place here. But the interior does not always meet the demands of all family members. We have put together a few tips for you to make it easier for you to set up a family-friendly kitchen.

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How To Create A Family Friendly Kitchen

Practical Materials

When it comes to choosing the right materials for a kitchen, many are overwhelmed. No wonder, after all, the choice is endless. For families with small children, fronts, worktops and the like must first and foremost be one thing: robust. But they should also be easy to care for and insensitive to knocks and scratches. The following materials are advantageous for the worktop (the most important advantages are in brackets).

Plan Your Working Height Individually

If the kitchen is newly planned and furnished, a critical look should be taken at the working height. Unfortunately, this detail is all too often completely neglected. The correct height of the kitchen worktop plays an essential role in health. Moms and dads in particular, who cook fresh every day and thus spend a lot of time in the kitchen, should attach great importance to a back-friendly working height when buying a new kitchen.

Placement Of The Oven

If an oven is not placed in the lower area of the kitchen furniture, but at the height of the middle of the body, this is easy on the back, and safety is maximized, as children can no longer reach the electrical device. Oven doors that can be opened from the side can also be practical because the contents of the oven can be accessed more easily.

Dining Area- The Communicative Kitchen

If you are in the process of buying a new kitchen or are busy redesigning it, we advise you to plan at least a small dining area. Of course, it doesn’t work everywhere. Lack of space is often a problem. But even in narrow kitchens, a lot can be conjured up with folding chairs and folding tables. In spacious kitchens, cooking islands are ideal for integrating seating. Maybe you can use part of the cooking island as a bar. So you can at least arrange a cozy breakfast and snack area. The daily dinner or lunch with the whole family could then take place at the dining table.

Child-Friendly Kitchens

A kitchen with an integrated drawer with toys or children’s baking utensils can be even more child-friendly. There the little ones can help themselves to their heart’s content. A mini children’s kitchen is also great for keeping busy. There the youngsters, like the grown-ups, can cook and bake imaginatively at a child-friendly station without electricity or heat, just separated from the adult workstation.

Safety First

Think about the safety of the little ones. In the kitchen in particular, there are some dangers for children due to heat, electronics, cabinet doors, and stowed chemicals. Not only do you have to remember to keep hazardous substances out of reach, but also prevent your fingers from getting jammed in cupboards with child safety devices and install stove guards.