How To Decorate The Bedroom Of Your Dreams

Published on 10/17/2021

Your bedroom should be the coziest part of your apartment – after all, you spend every single night in it.  Here are some tricks on how you can conjure up your bedroom even more comfortably. This is the room where the happiness should be created, an escape from all stress. A small peaceful world in itself.

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How To Decorate The Bedroom Of Your Dreams


Flickering fire creates a feeling of security and warmth in us. Ideal for making a room look cozy. A few candles spread around the room can work wonders! Whether individual tea lights, thick candles or floating candles – the market offers a multitude of possibilities to put your bedroom in the right light.

Sitting Area

A small table and chair with a cushioned seat by the window (or in a corner) immediately makes the room appear more inviting. If you have enough space, you can also leave a small couch in the bedroom. Every seat makes a room more cozy (also applies to large corridors!). The quiet island can be used as a reading corner, for evening diary writing or for sleepless nights when you just look out the window and let your thoughts run free …


Photos and pictures on bare walls make every room look more harmonious and invite you to linger. If you want to get cozy, the rule applies: the thicker the frame, the better! If it fits into the interior, you are welcome to use warm materials. Picture frames made of wood or frames wrapped in fabric radiate comfort. If you don’t like picture frames, you can alternatively make a photo wall. To do this, hang (or glue) the selected photos very close to each other so that they appear to be wallpaper. Voilà, the bedroom exudes personality – and the photos may inspire the most beautiful dreams…


A flower says more than a thousand words – this could be the motto for a contemplative interior. Plants breathe life into every apartment and give the impression of peaceful nature. Whether a chic bouquet of flowers (according to the motto: gifts for myself) in a ceramic vase or a green plant – whatever you like is allowed. The following plants are particularly suitable in the bedroom: the weeping fig (filters pollutants), the delicately scented pink jasmine (ensures a more relaxing night), the easy-care aloe vera (releases oxygen), the lush golden fruit palm (humidifies the air) or the well-known real one Lavender (helps you fall asleep).

The Right Lighting

Warm light lets us relax and conveys comfort. Ideally, lamps with fabric shades are used – whether on the ceiling, wall or bedside table. Bright neon light, on the other hand, has to stay outside! Cold light is stimulating and has no place in the bedroom. Tip: The color of the wall also makes a big difference. If you paint a wall with a warm color (for example with a natural color such as honey, sand, caramel or ivory), the room will be a lot cozier.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights not only have been decorating Christmas trees, but also shelves and walls. The dim light from the small lamps creates a hyggel-like – and definitely romantic – atmosphere in the bedroom. When choosing the color, please make sure that the light does not appear too cool.