How To Cool Your Room Without Airconditioning

Published on 07/01/2021

Of course, 30° degrees in the top floor apartment is not ideal. You have to decide for yourself what is the ideal temperature for you personally. Many people, however, find an indoor temperature of 18° to 22° degrees to be optimal. The recommended sleeping temperature of 19 degrees also falls below this. Here are some tips for how to cool your room without air condition.

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How To Cool Your Room Without Air conditioning

Keep Windows Closed During The Day

This tip might sound strange at first. Because opening windows and doors is one of the most natural reactions to heat. Wrong thought: when it’s warmer outside than inside, the heat comes into the house through the window. So leave the windows closed from temperatures of around 25 °C and only ventilate when it is cooler again – for example at night or early in the morning. The best thing to do is to open all the cabinet doors right away because believe it or not: cabinets also store hot air.

Darken Your Rooms

Darkened rooms are one of the classic ways to keep the heat of the day out. So if you want cool rooms, ventilate well in the morning and then close your shutters, curtains, or shutters, especially those on the south and west sides of the house.

Turn Off Your Electrical Appliances

Electrical devices generate heat, even in standby. Therefore, never leave televisions, computers, chargers, lamps and such turned on unnecessarily. You can also send a tumble dryer and dishwasher- simply let your laundry and dishes dry naturally. It is also ideal if you have a socket with a switch and can therefore take the electricity completely out of it. Because they continue to give off heat even in stand-by mode. However, if you need your computer in hot temperatures, it helps to put a fan in the room. This way you can be sure that not only you but also your computer will not overheat.

Refresh Yourself

If you spend a lot of time in a hot apartment, your body will naturally heat up too. It is therefore important not only to cool the room but above all to cool yourself. It is therefore essential that you drink at least two liters of water per day. And even if an ice-cold drink sounds wonderful at first, it, unfortunately, doesn’t help to cool your body down. Because after a drink that is too hot or too cold, your body has to work hard to compensate for the temperature differences. Reach out for drinks at room temperature and prefer to refresh yourself differently than with ice-cold drinks.

The Ice Tub

With temperatures, this hot, everyone would love to dip their toes in a cool pool or a beautiful lake to cool off. But what if you can actually do that in your apartment? Find a closed laundry basket or a simple decorative basket and place plastic bags in it. Add a few ice cubes, then fill your small indoor pool with water. Put your feet in, and you have a wonderful refreshment!